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New Streamlined Solution for Compact (CPV) and Flat (CPX) Air Handling Unit!

We're genuinely pleased to share our recent endeavor to streamline and enhance your experience in the world of air handling.
Presenting the Compact Air Handling Unit in design „PLUG&PLAY“!
Expanded Range: We've thoughtfully added the CPV and CPX compact units to our catalog offerings.
Offerings: CPV and CPX units are part of Mandík´s AHUman design program
Prompt Delivery: With our main components being readily available, we can promise a delivery time of just 5 weeks.
Personalized Choices: Craft your units to suit your needs! From the type of filters to the number of exchangers, to the surface finish – we've provided a range of options for you.
Extended warranty to 3 years: we are proud of the quality of our units and therefore we offer a 3-years warranty
Advanced Features: Delve into a suite of features designed with your convenience in mind:
- Variety in executions, components, air outlets and finishes.
- User-friendly control system offering both local and remote access.
- Informative text display showcasing crucial data.
- Diverse language settings for our varied user base.
- Detailed HVAC operation controls with clear alarm messages, password-protected adjustments, and more!
- Stay connected from different locales with PC control via an internet browser.
The PLUG&PLAY isn't just another air handling unit; it's our effort to offer you streamlined solution in your air management endeavors. This unit is a reflection of our continuous strive for improvement and adaptability.
Experience the versatility of our Compact Air Handling Unit PLUG&PLAY. We hope it serves you well.
Interested in exploring more? Feel free to reach out to us!

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