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NEW CPX - compact, flat “UNDER-CEILING” air handling unit Mandík

The new fully dynamic range of compact air handling units is designed for central distribution of fresh air in buildings intended for commercial and industrial purposes. Thanks to new advanced software and sophisticated design, the units can be resized dynamically. This means the possibility of a unique design of standard and atypical units according to a specific assignment, including dimensional restrictions. You can choose from a wide range of internal components and their combinations. The units are completely manufactured and certified in a unique frameless design and are designed for indoor placement. The design of the units is very thin and flat. The basic equipment of the unit is are: counterflow heat exchanger, supply and exhaust fans and by-pass section with damper. There are also a choice of round or square outlets, fitted with up to two exchangers for heating and cooling, electrical switchboard and many more. The units are limited by air flow range from 500 to 4,500 m3/h. They are supplied as plug & play design in standard, for example including the integrated electronic Control system.

Please visit following product page, or do not hesitate to contact our sales department.
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